You Got Someone Fired For A Tweet. Congratulations, That Kind of Makes You An Asshole.

Let me just tell you how much I knew about Dan Grilo before Tuesday night.

Nothing. I’d never even heard of him. I don’t even know if I’m spelling his name right, the Google shows it a couple of different ways.

Let me tell you how much I know about him now: he volunteered for Hillary and Obama and he used to work for Liberty Advisor Group. Also, he made a really stupid tweet about Carryn Owens, widow of U.S. Navy Special Operator, Senior Chief William “Ryan” Owens.

When I say “stupid” I’m not actually talking about the content of the tweet. I’m talking about the fact that he thought he could express himself on social media in a non-threatening way about a current event.

I have an opinion about Grilo’s (or however you spell it) sentiments towards the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, but I’m not going to remark on that beyond saying, yea, I didn’t love the tweet (fun secret bonus fact: a lot of times I just ignore tweets I don’t like).

What I am going to say is this: I see y’all on the Twitter. I know you love it there. We tweet and tweet away, happy to have a place where we can just spout off about whatever is on our minds. Some stuff gets pushback, some stuff gets ignored, some stuff gets mad love. Just a day in the life.

But then there’s that one tweet…that one tweet where people forget that they’re just reading words on a screen and decide it’s time to go after your job. YOUR JOB. The thing that feeds your kids,  pays your bills, makes you a productive member of society. And yet people feel perfectly comfortable trying to yank that away from somebody.

I think the only time I ever social media’d at someone’s job was in defense of some little liberal twit who made a dumb remark about the jawbone of an ass, and what I said was basically “please don’t fire this kid until the firestorm blows over, because it will”.

I don’t like it when either side does this shit. In fact, I hate it. It’s shitty and if it adds value to your life to wreck someone else’s because you don’t like how they expressed themselves on social media, guess what? You’re the asshole.


About waltzingmtilda

I try not to take life and politics too seriously, which is why I rely so heavily on my friends to do the hard parts (such as thinking). I can usually be found wreaking havoc on the Internet and stalking Adam Levine via Twitter. Also I am quitting smoking really soon.
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