I Can Has Rant?

Okay, it’s no secret that I’m not a real deep thinker. I like to keep things lighthearted and even though I love politics, I don’t like to fight about them. I don’t mind a debate as long as it’s civil and respectful on both sides. That? Is not a thing that is happening these days.

I’m not even going to bother talking about Right vs. Left, because those debates have been nasty for years now. What’s really irking me is this Red-on-Red infighting over Donald Freaking Trump.

When the Republican field first shaped up, I was more excited about an election  than I have been in years. I even bragged about it to my liberal friends (yes, I do have some). I felt like we finally had a real shot at getting the White House back. Even with Trump in the lineup, I thought ‘Oh, we’ve so got this.” I assumed, like a lot of people I know, that the final candidate would be either Cruz or Rubio.

Well guess what? That didn’t happen. I’ll admit that at first I thought the Trump campaign was a joke, the whim of a very rich man to see how far he could take it. I still kind of think that. And yes, I found some of his online supporters to be loathsome. You know how I handled them? I ignored them. Like I said, I don’t like to fight about politics. I understand that some people do and that’s fine, whatever floats your boat.

But now here we are, and Trump is the nominee. Lots of people don’t like that. I’m not thrilled with it, but I also cannot stomach the idea of a Hillary Clinton presidency. I will be voting for Donald Trump in November.

I honestly don’t care how anyone votes or even if they don’t vote at all. I’m not going to try to change anyone’s mind, and I’m not sure at this point that’s even possible anyway. What I cannot stand, however, is the astonishing arrogance of some of the Never Trump crowd. The way they talk down to people, the way they brag about their principles, the way they continue to float ridiculous ideas like a David French candidacy (side note: nobody knows who the fuck he is). The smug self-righteousness is almost unbearable at this point.  Okay, y’all, we get the freaking point…you don’t like Donald Trump, you’ve never liked Donald Trump, it’s not your fault he’s the nominee. Good for you, have a cookie, and get the hell over yourself while you’re at it.

Thank you. We now return to our irregulary scheduled posts about cooking and how much I love Johnny Depp.

About waltzingmtilda

I try not to take life and politics too seriously, which is why I rely so heavily on my friends to do the hard parts (such as thinking). I can usually be found wreaking havoc on the Internet and stalking Adam Levine via Twitter. Also I am quitting smoking really soon.
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One Response to I Can Has Rant?

  1. Spar Harmon says:

    Good to hear your very particular and delightful voice again.
    I monitor CTH but no longer comment.
    Solitude suits me but I enjoy watching Trump flummox all popular wisdom while steadily achieving his goals.
    We need an iconoclast to smash the incrustations which separate us as a people from our identity as a people.
    Love you
    God bless you and yours…

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